Welcome to the home of the OBLIVION 300+ remote control helicopter. This is a non-commercial website about a custom-built micro helicopter with high performance 3D flight capabilities. NOTE: This site is work in progress and the helicopter is still at design stage!


Hey guys, check out how the new SAB 280 rotor blades perform on a modified Oblivion 300+:

The battery pack just hit the 200 cycles... ūüėČ
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Titanium main shaft - homemade ūüôā Just a few less grams in total, but it surely adds up.

HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone ūüôā
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Ho-ho-ho (again)!

v1.5 is available for download at:
www.oblivion-heli.com/index.php/getting-started/ containing:

Improved chassis v2.7:
- Substantially improved frame rigidity
- No more counter bearing required even for extreme maneuvers
- Moved battery- and FBL support to the top for better accessibility
- Many minor improvements

Optimized tail blades:
- Custom designed, strongly forward loaded 14.9% airfoil for delayed stall
- Less aggressive off center, higher terminal thrust compared to their predecessors

Cheers & merry Christmas everyone!
Christian & Jonas
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Christmas is always more fun with presents, so here you go:

Added new xmas_v1.4.zip on www.oblivion-heli.com/index.php/getting-started/ containing
- New SLS printable tail blades
- SLS printable canopy
- Re-designed heavy duty rotor head, eliminates the need for additional 1mm shim
- New and lighter tail fin
- Modified head linkages to fit 2.5mm bearings
- Servo adapter plates for Spektrum H3050
Special thanks to Jonas for his contributions!

Just in time for the Shapeways 25% off Strong & Flexible on December 25th. Have fun everyone!

New video showcasing a bunch of Oblivions at the traditional 'Plätzchenfliegen' in Karlsruhe:


Also, meltwerk.com now accepts the Oblivion chassis, printing cost is at 27 EUR for the chassis. Check it out on www.meltwerk.com/

Finally, desktop and mobile wallpapers:
- www.oblivion-heli.com/wp-content/uploads/img/wallpaper1.jpg
- www.oblivion-heli.com/wp-content/uploads/img/wallpaper1_mobile.jpg

Cheers & merry Christmas everyone!
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Oblivion 300+ @ IRCHA 2015

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A few things had to come together for this project to turn into reality. First off, noticing the precision, strength and weight of SLS (Selective Laser Sintering) plastic. When Andy Rummer first showed me a piece of this material, it immediately became clear to me that it has everything to perform great in rc-helicopters. It is all a matter of proper dimensioning. Secondly, my passion for the 300 size since 13 years and the conviction that 5.000 RPM headspeed is not the solution. Discload matters. Finally, the thought of combining all best practices i have learned and seen in rc-helicopters into one model of this forgotten class – and making it easily accessible to everyone: The Oblivion 300+.

In more detail: The design goal is a 300ish size helicopter that would lock in nicely on pitch and provides full 3D capabilities Рall at 2.200 RPM. This results in less mechanical wear, lower noise level and light-footed flight characteristics. You will dare more with the Oblivion than you will with other models. Furthermore, this is a non-commercial project. Which means all drawings and 3D files will be publicly available in STL format. Practically anyone can send them off to Shapeways.com or other SLS services for printing which has a low price tag. Please note that regular 3D printers will most likely not produce parts that will work for this purpose, simply because of weight and tensile strength.

Key design aspects are: 140¬į heavy duty swashplate for equal travel of each servo. More important in the micro-helicopter domain, since the choice of high-speed servos is pretty limited. Three-point guidance for main shaft to allow for maximum frame strength and least amount of torsion towards the tail boom. 12mm carbon tail boom which essentially¬†eliminates the need for additional boom support.¬†Mono-frame –¬†mounting a swashplate guide? 10 or more parts to build a frame? Not needed, since the frame and all struts are a¬†single piece of plastic. 17 bearings, including thrust bearings for main rotor. Low disc-load of around 1.36kg/m2.


I am still at the design stage, and only a few prototype helicopters exist today. The core rotor system also works on a different chassis and performs flawlessly. I am going to post updates on here as we move ahead with development.


I would like to thank Jonas Wackershauser, Andy Rummer, Dennis Meyer & Ralf Bartikowski for their¬†support and contributions to this project. Thumbs up! ūüėČ


My name is Christian Ruck and i have been flying rc-helicopters and planes for quite some time now. I also run www.microheli.net, a website especially for micro helicopters. I am not a team pilot, tied to or biased by any particular manufacturer. The Oblivion is a personal and non-commercial project, essentially about finally building the model I feel is missing in the market.


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Model helicopters are not toys. Building and flying the Oblivion requires a good amount of experience. Always consider safety first!

Furthermore, I will not make your helicopter fly. I can not provide instant support on inquiries, please use the forum on www.microheliforum.com for general requests. I will however try and answer requests that reach me via E-Mail as soon as I can. Thanks for understanding.

Christian Ruck, catch me via e-mail on christian@microheli.net or via phone on +491638119811